Are Coursera Certificates Worth It? Is it Valuable & Useful?

So, you finally came to know about Coursera and probably thinking “Are Coursera Certificates worth it? Are the certificates useful enough to spend money on it?”

Yes, Coursera certificates are worth it because the courses are from the top Universities and companies taught by the well-known Professors. Compared to the real degrees/certificates, Coursera certificates are much cheaper that can be added to boost your LinkedIn profile & resume.

This is a short explanation of why Coursera Certificates matters. If you want to know more reasons for how it can help you in your career, ensure to read till the end.

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What Recruiters Think About MOOC Certificates?

Many people have doubts that adding MOOC certificates like Coursera Certificates doesn’t have any impact on getting a job.

I partially agree with that, but there is no reason to avoid them. According to Edukatico, Recruiters love three things about MOOC certificates.

  • They will consider your certificate if the qualification gained in the online course is relevant.
  • If you have taken online courses that teach relevant skills for the job position, it is a good idea to add them to your application along with the certificates.
  • Completing online courses that are several weeks and months-long shows that the job seeker is proactive and has a commitment to his work. Recruiters love such candidates!

To conclude, earning Coursera certificates is not a bad idea and it will only be going to have a positive effect on your career.  It won’t get you a job 100% but it definitely improves your chances.

Next, we will look at different reasons why Coursera Certificates is valuable and why you should pursue them.

Are Coursera Certificates Worth it?

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There are many reasons why I think Coursera certificates are useful. If you’re thinking that spending a lot of time on Coursera to earn certificates will be a waste of time, you’re wrong.

Though it won’t guarantee you a job, it will surely increase the chance of having eyeballs on you from the recruiters. You will develop skills and gain knowledge sought by the employers.

With that being said, let’s look at some benefits you’ll get from Coursera Certification.

1. Coursera Offers Top Universities & Companies Courses

Coursera Partnership Universities & Companies List

It’s not a secret that all the courses offered by Coursera belong to world-class universities and companies that are taught by top Professors. This includes Illinois, Duke, Stan, IBM, Google, etc.

So, when you complete a course on Coursera and receive a certificate, it holds much value as compared to getting certified from an unknown Instructor. This very fact in itself is a big thing that will get eyeballs on you.

I recommend that when you enroll for a course on Coursera, go for Specialization & Professional certificate programs.

2. Coursera Certificates Shows Your Personal Commitment

It is easier to stay committed while taking a course from a University or an Institute. You have an environment where you study with several students following a proper timetable, daily attendance which helps you to achieve your goals even when you’re lazy.

But when the same thing needs to be done voluntarily, it’s much more difficult. First of all, you don’t have to visit any University, which means you can sleep and wake anytime you want. There is no attendance, no real instructor that looks after you.

Having so much freedom is the main reason you are likely to lose your commitment & you could lose your focus or even quit the course in the mid-way.

That’s why, when you complete a Coursera course which usually takes several weeks & months to complete, it’s an achievement in itself. It shows that you’re a motivated person who wants to learn and improve skills to get the job & that’s what Recruiters like. It adds a layer of authenticity to job seeker’s commitment from an employer perspective.

3. Coursera Certificates Are The Proof  You Learned From The Professionals

Coursera courses are not only from Top universities but they are also taught by the professor’s considered world authority.

For example, Dr. Barbara Oakley is a professor of engineering at Oakland University and she is the instructor of the “Learning How to Learn” course ( on Coursera.

Other well-known instructors are Robert J. Shiller (Noble Laureate), Dan Ariely, etc. The very fact that one can enroll in courses that are taught directly by these experts is more than enough to go for Coursera Certification.

4. Get Coursera Certificates & Degrees At Low Cost

Even though University degrees and certificates are more valuable, they are costly. To get an MBA degree from a top business school, you need to pay at least $60,000 – $1,00,000.

It’s not difficult for someone who can afford it, but many students don’t have that much money. So, for them, Coursera is a great option.

Coursera offers different types of courses & certificates at a low price. They have five types of programs you can enroll.

  • Online Courses – These are individual courses based on different topics and subjects. From Business Administration to Information Technology, you can enroll in any of them for free. However, to get a certificate, you need to pay an additional cost of $39.
  • Specializations – Specialization Programs are a group of courses arranged sequentially to help you master a subject. It is a mini-credential certificate program that gives you in-depth knowledge about the topic and is more valuable than option no.1. You can enroll in the Specialization program for as little as $39/month.
  • Professional Certificates – Professional certificate courses are like individual courses but designed by the top companies and universities, thus holding more value. These certificates are completely career-oriented and they offer hand-on projects to polish your skills. You can enroll in them for $39 per month.
  • MasterTrack Certificates – MasterTrack certificates are portions of the Master’s programs that are converted into a module. By enrolling in this certification program, you can earn a high-quality university-issued career credential at a low price starting from $2000.
  • Degree Programs – These are online Bachelor’s or Master’s programs that offer high-value credentials from top universities. Like the credentials of an on-campus student who attends regular classes, you will also get the same credential at a low price of $22,000 as compared to a $52,000 on-campus degree.

So, if your concern is money and you couldn’t afford to pay for the costly courses, consider taking Coursera courses from top Universities.

5. Employers Respect Credentials

Most of the Specialization & Professional certificate programs on Coursera have hands-on projects that need to be completed to receive the certificate.

This means if you have a Coursera certificate from these programs, you have both the theoretical & practical knowledge.

The proof of your practical knowledge lies in the projects you complete where you need to demonstrate the knowledge you’ve learned.

So, when recruiters see such certificates from Coursera added on your resume, it will only be going to benefit you. It also signals the recruiters you are a self-driven and motivated person & that’s a plus point.

6. Show Your Credentials On LinkedIn Account

Even though Coursera certificates don’t guarantee a job, they surely are good to get eyeballs on LinkedIn.

If you have earned a Certificate on Coursera, you can add them to your LinkedIn account to boost your profile and maybe get a call for an interview.

Final Thought

Even though Coursera Certificates are definitely worth, you shouldn’t be fully dependent on them for getting a job.

There is no use of certificates if you can’t demonstrate the learned knowledge in an interview or on-job. Also, the certifications don’t provide any credit exemption if you choose to take campus courses in concerned university campuses.

However, it doesn’t mean that it holds no value. As discussed earlier, it has its own benefits and it will only be going to give a boost to your career. So spending money on Coursera certificates is not a waste of money.

What do you think about it? Which courses do you want to pursue? Let me know in the comment section.

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