53 Best Educational YouTube Channels For Learning (Students Must Subscribe)

Every day people use YouTube to watch a wide range of videos. Even though it is one of the best means of entertainment, it has its own drawbacks that can waste your time.

Since I am no one to judge you, you can keep watching them if it makes you happy.

But if you really want to invest your time in learning something new that can be helpful in your life, you should explore YouTube channels that increase your knowledge.

YouTube has many great channels that can teach people practically anything, and most of you aren’t aware of it.

In this post, I have listed 53 Best Educational YouTube channels for learning that will benefit students, teachers, or anyone fond of improving their knowledge.

Best Educational YouTube Channels For Learning

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Computer Games & Tech-Related Channels

1. Computerphile 

Computerphile channel creates videos on computers, technology, and other computer-related stuff.

2. Extra Credits 

Extra Credits make videos on games such as how they are made, what they mean, and how they can be made better? This channel is aimed at those audiences who want a career in video game development.

3. The Game Theorists 

 As the name goes, The Game Theorists creates videos on Game Theories. You can explore secrets hiding in your favorite games to other game-related stuff.

4. The New Boston

The New Boston shares videos on Web development. You can find tons of great web development tutorials & computer-related tutorials.

Answering The Curiosity Questions Related Channel

5. Vsauce 

Vsauce creates videos answering questions related to our world. You can learn fun and intriguing facts about weird and wonderful things.

6. Scishow 

If you are passionate about quenching your curiosity on Science, news, history, and concepts, then SciShow is the right channel for it.

7. CGP Grey 

If you are looking for interesting explanation videos on politics, geography, and culture, then you can find them on CGP Grey.

8. HowStuffWorks 

HowStuffWorks is an education channel dedicated to your daily curiosity for learning how things work around you.


THNKR gives you extraordinary access to the people, stories, ideas that will change perspectives.

10. CrashCourse 

CrashCourse offers tons of awesome bite-sized animated explainer videos on Sociology, Computer Science, Film History & Mythology.

11. BBC Earth Lab 

BBC Earth Lab answers all your curious questions about science in the world around you.

12. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell 

If you like animation explainer videos that make learning simple, then that is what you get on Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell YouTube channel.

Kids Education Related Channels

13. Hooplakidz How To – DIY Crafts & Play-Doh Videos

Hooplakidz is a DIY crafts channel for kids where they learn how to use their hands, mind, and imagination to explore their creativity.

14. Crash Course Kids 

Crash Course Kids YouTube channel is all about grade school science where videos related to Earth, Habitats, Space, Chemical Reactions, Engineering are uploaded.

15. SciShow Kids 

SciShow Kids channel answers all the curious topics that make you think why? The videos explain fun, complex science, concepts for young & curious minds.

Science, Physics, Math & Chemistry Related Channels

16. MinutePhysics 

MinutePhysics shares videos about the simple explanation of physics and other science topics through whiteboard videos. You can find amazing and entertaining videos on old and new physics problems.

17. Sixty Symbols 

Sixty Symbols make explainer videos about physics and astronomy.

18. Numberphile 

Numberphile explores topics from a variety of sections from Mathematics and more advanced mathematical concepts.

19. PatrickJMT 

PatrickJMT is where you can explore clear and thorough explainer videos on Mathematics.

20. Periodic Videos 

Periodic Videos shares videos about Chemistry. Explore videos about each element on the periodic table & other topics such as science news, interesting molecules, etc.

21. Veritasium 

Veritasium uploads videos on education, engineering, and science featuring cool demos, public discussions related to science, experiments, & expert interviews.

22. MinuteEarth 

MinuteEarth shares videos on science, and stories about our amazing planet earth.


AsapSCIENCE creates weekly explainer videos on Science through fun and intriguing science clips.

24. SmarterEveryDay 

SmarterEveryDay makes videos exploring the world of science to see the world differently.

25. Bozeman Science

Bozeman Science is run by a popular high school teacher Paul Andersen who explains everything about science.

26. It’s Okay To Be Smart 

It’s Okay To Be Smart is dedicated to people who want answers to their several curious questions about Science.

Creativity Channels

27. Justin Guitar 

If you want to explore guitar videos for various styles, techniques, and abilities, you can find them on Justin Guitar.

28. HD piano 

Do you love piano and want to learn how to play them? HD Piano shares easy-to-follow, clearest, and most accurate piano tutorials on YouTube.

29. Mark Crilley 

If you love sketches and want to learn how to draw them, then subscribe to Mark Crilley’s channel

30. Photo Exposed 

Learn everything about photography from controlling your camera to taking better photographs by subscribing to Photo Exposed. You can explore videos on tips, techniques, and tutorials on various aspects of photography.

31. Draw With Jezza 

Draw With Jazza shares weekly videos on all forms of visual expression. You can find tutorials, speed paintings, streams, competitions, and more.

32. Every Frame Painting 

Every Frame Painting shares videos on top-notch and truly fascinating analysis of films.

33. Film Riot 

Film Riot channel creates videos on the art of Filmmaking. You can explore how-to videos on every aspect of filmmaking from how to make amazing effects through production.

34. The Art Assignment 

The Art Assignment channel is hosted by curator Sarah Urist Green, who shares videos on art and art history from the perspective of things happening today.

Social, Life Based Channels

35. TED Talks

TED Talks shares videos of the world’s best thinkers and doers who talk about their lives in 18 minutes or less. All the videos are from the collection of the TED Conference where you can find Technology, Entertainment, and Design related videos as well.

36. TED-Ed 

TED-Ed shares carefully curated and crafted educational videos and animations on a wide range of topics.

37. OpenLearn from The Open University

This channel shares bite-sized learning videos on a wide range of subjects such as Philosophy, Economics, History of English, Astronomy, and Religion.

38. Smithsonian 

Smithsonian creates awe-inspiring stories, powerful documentaries, and amazing entertainment videos on air, space, history, science, nature, and pop culture.

39. The RSA 

The Royal Society of Arts (RSA) channel shares videos on social challenges and talks about world-changing ideas, RSA Animates, self-improvement, and many more.

40. Big Think 

Explore big ideas that define knowledge in the 21st century so you can apply them to the questions and challenges in your life. You can find actionable lessons from the world’s greatest thinkers and doers on Big Think.

41. Gresham College

Gresham College scatters free knowledge to the public through top lectures on various topics.

42. The Royal Institution 

The Royal Institution channel explores short films, full-length talks & lectures from the world’s leading scientists and writers. This channel challenges the way you look at the world.

Nature Channels

43. BBC Earth 

BBC Earth channel explores natural and wildlife documentaries of our planet.

44. BBC Earth Unplugged 

BBC Earth Unplugged is a BBC produced YouTube channel about the natural world & our planet Earth.

45. The Brain Scoop 

The Brain Scoop shares a private tour of the Field Museum in Chicago.

HealthCare Channels

46. Kenhub 

Kenhub channel creates videos on dedicated & engaging ways to learn Human Anatomy such as the Human body, its system & much more.

47. Healthcare Triage

Healthcare Triage explains everything related to medicine and healthcare that includes healthcare policy, medical research, and much more.

48. Sexplanations 

Sexplanations is dedicated to sex education. Here, you can find honest answers about sexuality by Dr. Lindsey Doe.

Random Channels

49. Brain Craft 

If you like to watch videos on Psychology and Neuroscience, then Brain Craft is the right channel. You can explore videos about your brain, body, and behavior to help you better understand yourself and the world.

50. The School of Life 

The School of life shares videos on helping people to lead more fulfilled lives. These videos help, improve their relationships, careers, and social life.

51. PBS Idea Channel 

PBS Idea is hosted by Mike Rugnetta, who is a cultural critique of pop, technology, and art. You can find videos examining the connection between these topics.

52. Philosophy Tube 

If you love Philosophy related videos, then Oliver Leonard shares videos about it on Philosophy Tube.

53. Wisecrack 

Wisecrack makes thoughtful, modest, witty sketches of videos exploring movies, TV shows, video games, books, philosophy, and more.

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