10 Best Productivity Apps for Students That You Don’t Wanna Miss

As a student, you need to be quite productive for doing class homework, assignment, extra-curricular activities, projects & much more.

Having so much workload and managing your personal life can seem hectic for you.

On top of that, social media, games, and web browsing can really suck up precious time that leaves you unproductive.

I think every school college student goes through this phase when they want to be productive, but they are unable to do so.

In such cases, the device that sucks most of your time can surprisingly make you more productive.

Yes, I am talking about your smartphone. 

In this post, I have listed 10 best productivity apps for students that besides saving time also ensure students remain focused & disciplined to their daily schedule.

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1. Todoist

Todoist App

As a student, it’s necessary to write the tasks that need to be done during the day and over the coming days & weeks.

Now, some students are happy to use paper, whiteboards, or bullet journals for this purpose. But if you are among those students who want to go digital, you can install Todolist.

Todoist app is a really flexible, easy-to-use task manager that I really enjoy. 

It’s super simple to get tasks into Todoist & I love that it lets you create different projects and even nest them.

For example, you can have a personal list along with having sub-lists for your house for groceries, errands, etc. 

I also love its natural language interpretation that lets you type all the things in the text field or even speak them out. 

You can also integrate it with Amazon Echo & Siri to get your tasks into the system really quickly and get them to where they need to be.

2. Google Calendar

Google Calendar App

I am using Google Calendar for quite some time, and I am really enjoying it. 

Google Calendar is a time-management & scheduling calendar from Google that lets you schedule events & get reminders about upcoming events.

You can create separate calendars for each area of your life and you can see when you had to work & when you had to be in class. It allows you to visually separate different areas of your life & that’s what I really like about it.

Also, when you book tickets for a hotel, flight, or seminar, it gets automatically added to your calendar, which then notifies you when the date approaches. This way you won’t forget important events.

Overall, this app is best for students who can plan their entire day and week activities easily without worrying much.

3. Evernote

Evernote App

Evernote is a note-taking app that is quite popular among students and professionals.

It has been my mainstay for about a decade, and nothing has dethroned it. I love how it organizes information that just really works for my workflow. 

You can input typed notes, scan handwritten notes, add photos, audio, web pages which are actually going to be searchable.

You can also share your notes and memos with the people who help to get your work done.

The sync-in feature lets you use it across your devices, so your information is always with you even if your device gets lost.

Being a student, Evernote can keep up with lecture notes where you can use it as a planner & organizer to keep track of your assignments and exams.

It’s really a full-featured app & I haven’t found anything that can take all the same boxes for me.

4. Habitica

Habitica App

If you are finding yourself going off track from your schedule, then Habit trackers will help you take your work seriously & get things done under schedule. Among different habit trackers, I like Habitica a lot because of its avatar feature. 

Now I have to say this upfront, Habitica is a very nerdy habit tracker that uses statistics & video games.

This is an app where you get a little character that you can level it up, gain points, gear them up, and allow them to go on the quest by following your habits regularly. 

There is also a party system, where you can actually party up with friends and go on quests together. 

This creates effective accountability because if you’re on a quest, maybe you’re fighting a dragon or something. When you fail to do your habits on a specific day, the dragon damages everyone in your party. 

So it will be your fault if someone else in your party happens to die from that hit. Thus, this creates a powerful motivator to make sure you get all your habits done every single day.

5. Toggl

Toggl App

Toggl is a simple yet powerful time tracker that lets you know how much time you are actually spending on a task.

It’s the best app to know where your time goes in any given week and how much time you are spending on your tasks.

Tasks such as doing your homework, checking your emails, writing an essay, or anything can be tracked with this app.

This way you will know how much time you are wasting and how much time is productive. 

For example, before using Toggl, I always thought that I spent 15-30 minutes checking my emails.

So, when I used Toggl, it was actually 45-60 minutes & I was wasting an extra 15-30 minutes that could have been productive.

Another thing I like about Toggl is that it actually reminds you to start time tracking in case you forgot. I find this feature helpful cause I forget a lot of things.

Overall, if you want to track every minute of your daily activities, install Toggl.

6. RescueTime

RescueTime App

Like Toggl that actively tracks your time on specific tasks or projects, RescueTime silently tracks how much time you are spending on specific apps and websites.

It is a time management app that provides insight into how you spend your days on your smartphone. It helps you understand and control the time spent on your device, which is really great for students.

It categorizes the time you spend as either productive or non-productive. During the workday, you can see what percentage of time you are using to get things done to stay on task instead of playing with YouTube or Instagram.

I also love the notification feature that gives real-time alerts when you are working outside specified hours. It suggests you take a break and alerts you when you are spending more than enough time on social media.

Thus, RescueTime is best for students who want to know how they are spending their day on smartphones so they can make adjustments and stay productive.

7. Google Docs

Google Docs App

Google Docs is a free word processor by Google that lets you create, edit, and share documents both online and offline.

Just like Microsoft Word, you can use it to write notes and share it with your friends with few clicks.

Google Docs lets you collaborate with others and they can edit, comment, and add suggestions to your docs.

This way you can work together with your friends even when they’re far away.

While working offline, it will automatically sync everything with your account once connected to the internet.

8. Stay Focused

Stay Focused App

If you’re easily distracted from Facebook, Instagram, gaming apps, you should install Stay Focused.

This app helps you focus on your work & studies by blocking all the time-sucking apps for a set time. 

You can view usage stats of each app your running that gives you a clear idea of how much time you are spending on them.

Personally, I use Stay Focused because I have an obsession with Twitter. Even if I think to use it for 5 minutes, I end up spending over 30 minutes on it.

Since I am using Stay Focused, it has helped me with my Twitter addiction, which has increased my productivity.

9. Beeminder

Beeminder App

Are you facing problems in hitting your goals? Whether it can be studying for 30 hours a week or sleeping at 10 pm? Beeminder makes sure you achieve your goals.

It is an app that uses your money as a motivation. Basically, when you set a goal within this app, you also need to pledge your money on it. (amount totally depends on you)

This way, if you go off track to your goal, you pay your pledge to Beeminder. 

I think this is a really cool idea to keep yourself stick to your goals if you don’t want to lose money.

You can use this app for not only completing your study goals but for other tasks like a daily workout, meditation, practicing guitar, reading a novel, etc.

10. Google Drive

Google Drive App

Google Drive is a Cloud Sync app that syncs all of your files within a specific folder to the cloud and keeps them synced & up to date.

As a student, you can save your study materials without worrying about getting them deleted from your devices. Plus, you can access it from anywhere you want and even share them with your friends.

I usually store all my documents, notes, and other important stuff like photos & videos here. This way, even if I spill coffee on my laptop or smartphone, I don’t have to worry about my documents getting erased.

So, these are the 10 best productivity apps for students. Now, it’s your turn to try them out and lead a productive life. Good Luck!

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