Pluralsight Vs Lynda (LinkedIn Learning) 2020 – A Detailed Comparison

Pluralsight vs Lynda (LinkedIn Learning) – Where should you put your money to enroll in online courses?

Here is my take – Both Pluralsight and Lynda are well-known eLearning platforms that offer a variety of courses in several topics. Though Pluralsight pays more attention to technology-based courses, Lynda covers more categories, especially in business, creative, & technology. However, most or some courses in Lynda are mediocre, whereas you can find in-depth one’s in Pluralsight. Overall, both the platforms have somewhat the same pricing, but Lynda is more affordable if you go with the annual plan.

In this post, I have compared both of them in terms of the course topic, quality, learning style, Instructor credibility, pricing, and much more.

If you would like to check out a side-by-side comparison between them, here is one for you to have a clear understanding.

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CategoriesMostly technical-drivenBusiness, Technology & Creative courses
No. of Courses6,500+16,000+
CertificateYes, the learners get a Certificate of Completion.Yes, the learners get a Certificate of Completion.
InstructorsIndustry experts/professionals selected through a selection process.Industry experts/professionals selected through a selection process.
Learning PathYesYes
Course SuitabilityIntermediate to Expert (Though they have beginner level courses as well)Beginner to Expert
Offline ViewYesYes
Desktop (Mac & Windows)YesYes
iPhone AppYesYes
Android AppYesYes
Technical SupportYesYes
Course SupportYesYes
Support Through Live ChatNoNo
Support Through MailYesYes
Community ForumYesYes
Written TutorialsYesN/A
Video TutorialsYesYes
Subscription PlansIndividual, BusinessesIndividual, Businesses
Fees$29/mo (Monthly Plan), $299/year (Yearly Plan), $499/year (Premium Plan), $579 per user/year (Professional Plan), $779 per user/year (Enterprise Plan)$29.99/mo (Monthly Plan), $19.99/mo (Annual Plan), For Business plan, you have to discuss with them.
Free TrialYes, 10-Days Free TrialYes, one-month Free Trial

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An Overview of Pluralsight

  • Pluralsight, Inc. is an American online education company founded in 2014 by Aaron Skonnard, Keith Brown, Fritz Onion, and Bill Williams. It started as a platform that provides face-to-face training to companies but later on transformed into a full-fledged business that specializes in a distance training platform.

  • It provides courses in software development, IT Ops, Data Professional, Information & Cyber Security, Architecture & Construction, Manufacturing & Design, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning / AI, Business Professional, & Creative Professional.

  • Talking about the plans, they have a subscription model where you pay monthly or yearly fees to access all the material. It means you don’t have to buy each course separately.

  • Pluralsight also has a Role IQ & Skill IQ feature where you can measure skills by taking an assessment test. In Role IQ, you can check your level of technical proficiency for the required role, whereas, in Skill IQ, you can evaluate your knowledge in a subject.

An Overview of Lynda (LinkedIn Learning)

  • Lynda Weinman founded in 1995, acquired by LinkedIn in 2015 under the name LinkedIn Learning. Later on, Microsoft bought LinkedIn in 2016. So, not only can you access all the courses from, but you also get access to additional LinkedIn features, which was missing in Lynda.

  • All the courses fall under three broad niches taught by the most successful industry professionals. The category includes Business, Technology, & Creative having lots of other subjects under them.

  • Similar to Pluralsight, they also have a subscription model where you pay for either monthly or yearly fees.

1. Course Topic


  • Pluralsight has over 6500 courses focused mostly on the IT industry. Apart from this, you will also find a few courses in Design, Business, Creative.

  • They are famous for offering more comprehensive technical courses for developers who either want to brush up their skills or want to progress in their job positions.


  • Lynda has over 16000 courses focusing on a variety of categories. You can find courses in Business, photography, design, creative, web development.

  • They are compatible with all types of learners, whether they are hobbyists, Business professionals, Designer, Technologists.

2. Course Difficulty & Quality


  • Since the courses are produced by highly qualified professionals targeting a specific niche i.e. Tech/IT, you will in-depth content both for intermediate and advanced learners.

  • Pluralsight also has a full-time editing staff taking care of every video produced. Their job comprises checking whether the audio, video, and content are following all the quality standards, so the learners can have access to a better learning experience.


  • On the other hand, Lynda courses are too created by professionals, but many learners find it not in-depth, unlike Pluralsight. Still, it is a better platform for newbies who are just getting started with a skill.

3. Instructor Credibility


  • Unlike platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, where anyone can teach anything, Pluralsight doesn’t entertain such things. They have quite a strict selection process for all their instructors. Because of this, you will see some top industry-leading experts teaching on their platform, resulting in a better learning experience.


  • Just like Pluralsight, Lynda also has successful industry professionals teaching you various topics. They have a specific selection process that only well-qualified experts can pass through. Thus, eliminating instructors who don’t have any credibility.

4. Course Learning Style


  • I love the whole learning model in Pluralsight as it includes skill IQ, Role IQ, learning path, and mentorship.

  • With skill IQ, you can evaluate your skills before commencing with the learning process. It consists of 20 relevant questions customized using the Item Response Theory & Bayesian Interference. It helps you to gauge your skills so you know your strong and weak points.

  • Based on the result from Skill IQ, Pluralsight will set a learning path with online courses where you can only focus on your weak skills, thus saving time on topics that you already know.

  • In Role IQ, you can test yourself for a specific role to figure out what level you’re at, and what skills you need to excel in your role. Based on the results, Pluralsight will create a learning path offering specific courses to achieve the desired goal.

  • You also get an opportunity to take one-on-one help from the experts whenever you are stuck with a problem or want answers to the questions. These experts are always available 24/7 which I think is great.


  • Lynda also has learning paths where you can learn a skill by enrolling in several sequentially arranged courses that take you from basics to advanced.

  • The courses come with lots of exercises that will help you sharpen your skills.

  • Besides, they also recommend specially tailored courses based on your viewing history and interest that you might enjoy.

5. Pricing


  • For individuals, they can enroll in monthly plans for $29/month and a yearly plan of $299/year. There is also a premium plan at $449/year where you can also take a certification practice exam, interactive courses. & projects.

  • For teams or businesses, they can either pay for a professional or Enterprise plan. While the Professional plan charges you $579 per user/year, the Enterprise will cost you $779 per user/year.

  • Pluralsight also offers a 10-day free trial plan where you can test their platform to see whether their plans are worth your money.


  • They have a basic individual plan starting from $19.99/month (annual plan) and $29.99/month for a monthly plan.

  • They also offer a Team plan for which you need to discuss with them to know the pricing.

  • As for the trial, Lynda offers a one-month free trial plan where you can get a taste of their courses for free.

6. Who Should You Choose?


  • Learners who want to get into the IT/tech niche or want to upgrade their programming skills can significantly benefit from this platform.

  • Apart from this, small businesses and even large enterprise who wants to upskill and train their staff can even benefit from their team plans.

  • As far as I see, Pluralsight is more suitable for intermediate and advanced learners, who have a general understanding of the topic. As for beginners who are just getting started, I think they might face a problem because of the steep learning curve.


  • Lynda or LinkedIn Learning is a better platform when it comes to taking courses for developing business, photography, design, and web development skills. For web development, Pluralsight is one-step ahead. Still, Lynda has some good courses for beginners.

  • Though the monthly plans are the same compared to Pluralsight, Lynda’s annual plan is somewhat cheaper. So, whether it’s about the course variety or affordability, Lynda will be a better choice.

Final Verdict – Pluralsight Vs Lynda (LinkedIn Learning)?

There is no doubt that both the eLearning platforms are great for learners as they have an extensive library of courses on a variety of topics.

Though Pluralsight puts its more focus on the IT/Tech industry, they still cover other categories like Architecture, Manufacturing & Design, Business & Creative Professional. The only difference is they have fewer courses as compared to Lynda, which touches a wide range of topics.

As both the platforms are equipped with knowledgeable instructors, the quality of courses is good. However, Pluralsight is on a winning side as they have a strict quality standard for which they specially created a staff. But in terms of affordability, Lynda beats them.

I think if you want to know which one is better for you, you need to ask a question yourself.

Where do you see yourself? Are you a beginner, intermediate, or advanced learner in a specific topic that you want to pursue?

If you consider yourself a beginner with little to no knowledge? Lynda is a better fit else lean towards Pluralsight if you want to learn programming languages.

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