How to Stay Focused While Studying For Hours (Best Tips & Tricks)

Today I’ll be sharing with you 10 tips on how to stay focused while studying or working.

These methods have really worked for me to stay focused. However, I cannot guarantee whether all of them will be something new or revolutionary to you.

But I can guarantee that if you implement them, you will definitely see some excellent results.

You don’t have to use all of them but ensure you pick one or two methods that suit your lifestyle, especially method number 10.

Also, to make things easier for you, I have mentioned some apps that can do wonders for you. So, wasting no time, let’s get started.

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Best Way to Stay Focused While Studying

1. Have a Workspace With Less Distraction

The first tip is to have a designated workspace with limited distractions.

This is really important because you will spend most of your time here studying and you don’t want unnecessary distractions that can hinder your productivity.

Often, the best workspace is always found outside your bedroom. But if you live with a lot of other people, it will be a bit difficult for you.

So, what I recommend is try to find a study space where you can feel productive and focused without getting distracted.

It can be a corner of your room or some other space. For some of you, it can get difficult if you have a small house or kids at your home.

But don’t worry, I have a solution for it discussed in the last section. So, ensure to read it till the end.

Another important thing is, try to have separate places for both work and relaxation. You don’t want to have the same space for both things.

That’s because whenever you are at your workspace, it should always remind you about your studies & not about watching a Netflix show.

A great example is a library. You don’t think about doing something else when you are in the library. Right?

2. Remove Any Essentials That Can Distract You

The next tip is to only keep the essentials on your desk that you really need & declutter those that aren’t required.

Often our workspace is filled with unnecessary things that are not important, but still, it is there causing distractions.

If you study at your desk, make sure it has only those things that you really need for the subject you’re studying for.

For example, when you are doing Math, you don’t want sketch pens or some fancy notebooks on your desk that can hinder your studies.

Keeping the minimum required items will help you focus on what you have to do instead of everything that’s around you.

If you make these minor adjustments, it will really make a good impact on your studying habits.

3. Write Goals For Each Study Session

When you make your study goals, you are ordering your brain that you need to complete a task within a time frame which ultimately makes you more focused & productive.

I have observed that when I study with & without goals, the former one gave better results. I could complete things in just one day that normally took two to three days.

Besides, if your study goals are big, try to split it up into smaller sections & set a time for each one of them. This way you can achieve bigger goals faster rather than focusing on a whole.

To conclude, make your study goals for each day and set a time for it. This way you can keep your mind engaged with your study activities and you will not procrastinate.

4. Reward Yourself After Each Goal

This is something I always do when I find it harder to focus on studies. I reward myself after completing each goal.

For me, the reward is playing a smartphone game for 15 minutes, but you can reward anything you like. It can be eating a snack, watching a video, listening to music & so on.

When you bribe your mind with such things, you ultimately work harder to achieve it.

The only thing you need to remember is that it has to be something special that you always love to do. If it isn’t special, you won’t feel like completing your goals, which makes this method flop.

So, ensure to use this method whenever you don’t feel like studying.

5. Listen to Relaxing Sounds That Improves Your Focus

Noises in your surrounding is one of the big problems that makes you distracted. It can be noise coming from kids, vehicle noises, or anything.

In such a case, if you listen to some kind of music that helps you block out noises from the environment, it will really help you.

I prefer listening to nature sounds like rain, sea, or wind blowing. Some other prefers listening to non-talking ASMR videos or any relaxing music.

You just need to figure out which sounds calm your mind and start playing them in the background.

There are many apps available online where you can explore such monotonous sounds. 

One of them is the Study Music App that offers different music for studying, reading, and concentration. If you can’t find sounds online, you can install this app.

Now, I am not sure whether it works for everybody, but you can give it a try.

6. Do Something About Your Smartphone

One of the biggest reasons most of us lose focus is because of the smartphone.

What happens is when you are studying, your mind starts wondering how many likes you got on your Instagram or Facebook post.

Whether there is any latest video uploaded by your favorite YouTubers and so on. With all these thoughts, we end up checking our smartphone every few minutes, which ultimately makes you lose focus.

So, for this problem, you can do two things or you can implement both of them.

  • Install productivity apps that lock your smartphone for a set interval of time. Being a blogger, while I am writing a post, I always use apps like ForestCold Turkey to lock my phone. This way whenever I feel checking my phone, I can’t access it until I either turn it OFF or restart my device. This routine has really helped me to stay focused and get rid of Smartphone addiction.
  • This method is especially for lazy people like me. All you have to do is keep your phone out of your reach. If you’re studying on your table, ensure your smartphone is away from it. This way, even if you want to check your phone, you can’t reach it until you need to walk a bit. Once I started implementing this method; I have slowly started ignoring my phone. Now, I am not sure whether it will work for you, but you can give it a shot.

So, try these methods and see how your study session goes.

7. Study For Short Intervals

It’s easy to lose focus when you work for too long at a time. That’s why I prefer you should study in sessions or for short intervals.

You might have heard about the Pomodoro time-management method where you break down your work into small intervals. That’s what you need to follow.

Pomodoro method says that you need to work for 25 minutes followed by a five-minute break.

Now, 25 minutes session might not be suitable for you because I feel that it’s quite less. For me, 45 minutes of work followed by a 10-15 minute break works best.

So, you need to find your own sweet spot and start implementing it.

During break sessions, ensure to move out of your workspace and get some fresh air. You can go for a walk to clear up your mind so that when you start your next session, you feel refreshed and ready to focus again.

8. Set Time Limit

I found that I focus better when I know I have to complete a task within a time frame.

When you set a time limit for your tasks, you start respecting your time. You feel the importance of each minute that makes you more motivated to focus.

Not only in studies, but you can also implement it in every work you do. Even though this method doesn’t sound impactful, it’s still an effective way to increase your focus.

9. Get Rid of Distracting Thoughts

If you’re coping with distracting thoughts while you are trying to focus on your studies, you can practice mindfulness.

There are a lot of great apps and websites to help you get started & one of them is the Headspace app that helps with mindfulness.

However, the only thing I disliked about it is that it’s a paid app. Surely, you can try Headspace for 14 days via the free trial plan, but ultimately you need to pay for it.

So, after digging a lot, I found an alternative free app “Let’s Meditate” which does the same work. You can find a lot of meditation audios in this app that can definitely help you get rid of distracting thoughts.

This way you can become more aware of your thoughts & you don’t let them distract you.

10. Get Up Early in the Morning

You know I had a bad lifestyle where I used to wake up between 10 am-12 pm and then sleep between 2 am – 4 am.

Even though I was getting at least 8 hours of sleep, it still affected my entire day. I was lazy, tired, and couldn’t concentrate much on my work.

I could only work for 2-3 hours and the rest of the time I was going through procrastination.

But since I started waking up at 5:30 am and going to bed at 10 pm, it dramatically changed my life. Throughout the day, I feel more energized and I can study or work for hours with better focusing power.

I found that the best time to get your things done is early morning. That’s when it’s the quietest time with pin-drop silence. Studying in those hours will give you better results than the rest of the day.

Obviously I am not saying that you have to follow this schedule because there are many students who find the late-night to be the best time to study.

All I want to say is that just try both the schedule and see which one works best for you. If you like early morning or late night schedule, then study in those hours because that’s the time you will understand and memorize things better.

Now, let me know what do you think of these tips? Did you find anything that you want to try? I’d love to hear from you.

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